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Technology - Who To Contact

Last Updated: 7/20/2020 11:09 PM
DCPS Technology Support (2019-2020)               email formula:


AESOP (Absence Management) Accounts Ken Roberts Holly Boarman
AR-Renaissance   Jessica Roark Annette Sapp
ASSISTIVE SERVICES Hardware Ken Roberts Robin Bush
ASSISTIVE SERVICES Software Ken Roberts Robin Bush
AUP DOCUMENTS   Aaron Yeiser Damon Fleming

AYL (Academy of Young Leaders)

Online Applications     
CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) Compliance Aaron Yeiser, Annette Sapp STC
CLEVER Software/Account Management Jessica Roark Steve Burton
CLOUD COMPUTING   Storage (Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.) Steve Burton Aaron Yeiser, Annette Sapp
COLLEGE GRADES OCTC Grades Received Amanda Jerome Charley Broughton
COMPASS LEARNING (ODYSSEY) Account Management Jessica Roark  
CSIP-CDIP DOCUMENTS (ASSIST)   Jana Beth Francis Bethany Jones
DATASEAM Contracts/Grant Agreements/Equipment Aaron Yeiser Steve Burton
DATASEAM Technical Support/Questions Steve Burton Aaron Yeiser
DATASEAM Training/iMac Integration Annette Sapp Aaron Yeiser
DIGITAL TEXTBOOKS Legal Agreements/Contracts Aaron Yeiser  
DIGITAL TEXTBOOKS Technical Support Aaron Yeiser Steve Burton
DISCOVERY EDUCATION Account Management Jessica Roark Steve Burton
DISCOVERY EDUCATION Training Aaron Yeiser  
DOCUMENT TRANSLATIONS Foreign Language Needs Jana Beth Francis Aaron Yeiser
EDGENUITY Account Management (Students) Doug Denton (AHS), Michelle Ruckdeschel or Mike Claycomb (HPHS), Matt Brannon (DCHS) Jessica Roark
EDGENUITY Account Management (Teachers) Aaron Yeiser  
EDGENUITY Assigning Courses  Keith Johnson (AHS), Michelle Ruckdeschel or Mike Claycomb (HPHS),  Chad Alward (DCHS) Aaron Yeiser
EDGENUITY Training Edgenuity Training Site Aaron Yeiser
EMAIL Accounts/Troubleshooting Steve Burton Jessica Roark
EPSON SOFTWARE Technical Issues Steve Burton  
ERATE Coordinator   Steve Burton
EXPLORE LEARNING-GIZMOS Account Management Aaron Yeiser Annette Sapp
GOOGLE APPS FOR EDUCATION/G-SUITE (TEACHERS) Account Management Steve Burton Aaron Yeiser


  Amanda Jerome Aaron Yeiser
INFINITE CAMPUS (IC) General Technical Issues DCPS IC Support IC Teacher/Building Coach
INFINITE CAMPUS (IC) Gradebook Questions IC Teacher Coach DCPS IC Support
INTRANET (DSN) Accounts   Ken Roberts
MAP (MEASURES OF ADVANCED PROGRESS, NWEA) Account Management Jana Beth Francis Bethany Jones
MAP (MEASURES OF ADVANCED PROGRESS, NWEA) Training Jana Beth Francis Bethany Jones
MOODLE Account Management Steve Burton  
MOODLE Training School Technology Coordinator Aaron Yeiser
MUNIS All Issues Ken Roberts Sara Harley
MYMATHLAB All Issues Jana Bryant  
NUTRIKIDS Food Services Payments Ken Roberts Lisa Sims
ONLINE TESTING Tech Support Steve Burton  
PEER OBSERVER RESEARCH GRANT ThereNow Hardware/Software   Jana Beth Francis
PORTFOLIOS Student (Electronic) Elem Lab Coordinator/STC Steve Burton
QUAVER MUSIC Accounts Annette Sapp  
READING PLUS Accounts Jessica Roark  
READING PLUS Training Annette Sapp  
SCHOLASTIC Accounts Jessica Roark Steve Burton
SCHOOLPOINTE (DIGITAL SCHOOL NETWORK) General Web Page Editing Web Page Editor in each building Ken Roberts
SCHOOLPOINTE (DIGITAL SCHOOL NETWORK) Intranet Web Page Editor in each building Ken Roberts
SCHOOLPOINTE (DIGITAL SCHOOL NETWORK) Online Classrooms Web Page Editor in each building Aaron Yeiser, Annette Sapp
SCHOOLPOINTE (DIGITAL SCHOOL NETWORK) Training Coordinator Aaron Yeiser  
SOCIAL MEDIA (DISTRICT)   Lora Wimsatt Dylan Hammons
STUDY ISLAND (EDMENTUM) Training Aaron Yeiser, Annette Sapp  
STUDY ISLAND (EDMENTUM) Accounts Jessica Roark  
STUDENT VOICE SURVEY (SVS) DPOC/Accounts/Technical Support Amy Shutt Aaron Yeiser
TEAMWORKS Accounts Steve Burton David Shutt
TECH REPAIRS All Devices Work Order Process (Teamworks) Steve Burton
TRANSCRIPTS (Parchment)  eTranscripts School Registrar (HS Only) Ken Roberts
VERITIME Time and Attendance Ken Roberts Holly Boarman
WI-FI BUS ISSUES Tech Support/Installation Steve Burton

Billy Johnson


The Daviess County Public Schools district prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital or parental status, political affiliations or beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, disability, or limitations related to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions in its employment practices, educational programs and activities, and provides equal access to its facilities to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.