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Last Updated: 10/14/2020 2:33 PM


The DCPS Central Office is here to serve you.

If you need further assistance after reviewing the information provided here, call 270-852-7000 ...
or click the HEADER link to send an email to the head of that department.


DCPS Department Forms and Information


Helpful Guide to areas of responsibility and whom to contact for information - 2020-21


Link to DCPS Central Office calendar of meetings, trainings, etc. 
DCPS Calendar - 2020-21


Locate DCPS Board of Education Policies and Procedures


Translation Tool (You will need to sign in to your DCPS Google account to access this document)
Instructional Video - How to use the Translation Tool
Language Identification
Example of Use of Translation in Google Sheets
District Documents translated into various languages
(documents include: Acceptable Use Policy, Educational Enhancement Form, Field Trip Form,
Parent/Teacher Conference Request Form, Report Card Template and Volunteer Form)


AESOP Information - Sara Harley
AESOP Employee Guide 2020-21
Creating a Basic Absence 2020-21
Editing or Cancelling an Absence 2020-21
Managing Preferred Subs List 2020-21
Managing Your Favorite Five Subs 2020-21
Creating an Excluded Subs List 2020-21
QuickStart Guide for Employees 2020-21
QuickStart Guide for Subs 2020-21


After-School Program - Scott Taylor
After-School Enrollment Form - 2020-21
After-School Information Brochure - 2020-21
After-School Employee Handbook - 2020-21
After-School Director List - 2020-21


Attendance/DPP - Damon Fleming
School Schedules - 2020-21
Code of Conduct - 2020-21

Dates to Remember - 2020-21
DCPS Calendar - 2020-21
DCPS Instructional Calendar by Month - 2020-21

Make-Up Calendar - 2020-21
Truancy Information Brochure - 2020-21


Business / Finance - Sara Harley
Accounts Payable Due Dates and Check Dates - 2020-21
Athletic Supply Bid - 2020-21
Bid Vendor List - 2020-21
Certified Absentee and Substitute Pay Voucher - 2020-21
Copy Center Request - Invoice Form - 2020-21
Fundraiser Request Form - 2020-21
Fundraising Policy - 2020-21
Payroll Calendars - 2020-21
Payroll Deduction Calendar - 2020-21
Redbook - Accounting Procedure for School Activity Funds - 2020-21
Requisition Form - 2020-21
Salary Schedules - 2020-21
Student Insurance Enrollment Brochure - 2020-21
Time Sheet Entry - 2020-21
Warehouse Inventory Supply List - 2020-21


Computer Operations - Steve Burton

Technology Work Orders
DCPS Email Groups Directory
Gmail Hints, Tips and How-To Videos
Technology Assistance Flowchart - Technical Help
KYTE Instructional Videos (click Google logo ... sign in with DCPS email)

Instructional Technology - Aaron Yeiser
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), English 2020-21

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Spanish 2020-21
Software Training 2020-21

Technology Links and Forms 2020-21
Technology / Who Does What 

Technology Assistance Flowchart - Instructional Help
KYTE Instructional Videos (click Google logo ... sign in with DCPS email)

Facilities / Maintenance - David Shutt
AlertUs Equipment and Procedures
Card Access and Employee Identification
Custodial Overtime Authorization Form and Policy
Facility Rental Application/Agreement Form



Food Services - Connie Beth Fillman
Application to Apply for Free/Reduced Meals On-Line
Approved List for Free/Reduced Status Access
DCPS Meal Prices - 2020-21
Disclosure of Free/Reduced Status Agreement
Online Payment for School Meal Accounts -
USDA Nutrition Standards for School Lunch/Breakfast


Instruction - Jana Beth Francis
DCPS Meeting Calendar - 2020-21
DCPS Report Card Schedule - 2020-21
DCPS School Fee Information - 2020-21


Personnel - Amy Shutt
Employee Assistance Program
Intent to Resign Form
Intent to Retire Form
Request for Leave without Pay - Policy and Forms
Status Change Form - DCPS
Status Change Form - KTRS - Certified 
Status Change Form - KRS - Classified
Transfer/Change of Employment Status

Volunteer Background Check Form
Perform/Records System-Evaluations and Contracts

Public Relations - Lora Wimsatt
Bulk Mail Form for Schools - updated January 2020
Bulk Mail Instructions - updated January 2020
Bulk Mail - Post Office Folding Specifications 2020-21

PR Handbook - Media contacts, press release guide etc. 2020-21


School Health - Wendi Kozel, RN
Food Allergy Guidelines

Student Welfare and Wellness Policy - 09.2


Special Services - Robin Bush
Special Services Staff - Assignments and Directory 2020-21


Student Assistance Program - Angie Judd
Crisis Team Members - 2020
Crisis Team Procedures - 2020-21
Mental Health Assessment Referral - 2020-21
Mental Health / Therapy Services - 2020-21
Referral Form (Elementary) - 2020-21
Referral Procedures (Elementary) - 2020-21
Referral Form (MS-HS) - 2020-21
Referral Procedures (MS-HS) - 2020-21
Release of Information Primary - 2020-21
Student Assistance Program - 2020-21
Suicide Prevention Handout - 2020-21
Suicide Risk Procedures - 2020-21
Suicide Risk Screening Form - 2020-21
Threat Assessment - 2020-21
Threat Screening - 2020-21

Superintendent - Matt Robbins
Board of Education meeting schedule - 2020-21




We hope this list and our webpage provide the information you seek.
If you need further assistance, please click HERE.


The Daviess County Public Schools district prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital or parental status, political affiliations or beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, disability, or limitations related to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions in its employment practices, educational programs and activities, and provides equal access to its facilities to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.