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Aaron Yeiser
Aaron Yeiser
Co-CIO, Instructional Technology Coordinator

Tech Help Flowchart

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”


This statement was coined by Arthur C. Clarke, an English writer in the 20th-century. With advances in technology arriving so fast now, we are witnessing new “magic” take place every few days! In particular, the education field has been the true beneficiary of recent technological advancements, leading to a significant impact on the teaching and learning process.

DCPS students and teachers take advantage of numerous technology tools each day. Collectively, these tools help students gain quick access to vital information for learning and provide additional support to actively engage learners.

Tech Facts
  • The district maintains well over 15,000 electronic devices each year, including approximately 13,000 computers and tablets.
  • All classrooms in DCPS are fully equipped with sound amplification devices, projectors, doc cameras, and computers.
  • Assistive technology devices are available in a variety of categories to address the functional capabilities of students with disabilities.
  • All Daviess County HS and Apollo HS students are participants in our thirteenth year of the "One-to-One” eLearning Program, allowing a powerful connection to 21st-century learning.

eLearning News

  • Students in grades 4-12 will have one-to-one access to a district supplied Chromebook by November of 2020.
  • All HS students can choose to participate in the "BYOD" program.
  • All campuses are now operating with a new wireless upgrade, allowing for increased speed and security.
  • District buildings have the capability to allow for presenters and visitors to have guest internet access.
  • The DCPS Open Network is available in all buildings for staff members (Personally Owned Devices).
  • DCPS teachers will continue the option to use advanced software to facilitate eLearning in their classrooms, called “GoGuardian.”
  • A tremendous variety of paid subscription and free educational/reference software is available now to all DCPS students and staff.


Tech Support

The technology support team in DCPS is strong with customer service as our #1 priority. Below are the names and faces that help teach our students 21st-century technology skills and keep our technology operational at all times.

Technology Administrative Team
Steve Burton Steve Burton
Computer Operations Manager / Co-CIO 
Aaron Yeiser

Aaron Yeiser
Instructional Technology Coordinator / Co-CIO 

Annette Sapp
  Annette Sapp
Technology Integration Specialist


Technology Staff

District Technicians
Terry Clark
District Technician
Jason Cunningham
District Technician
Billy Johnson
District Technician
RJ Russell Johnson
District Technician
Brian Payne
District Technician
JP Jeremy Payne
District Technician
Rodney Stephens Rodney Stephens
District Technician


School-Based Technicians


TH Tim Hicks
Burns Middle School Technician
Tony Mattingly
Apollo High School Technician
Tammy Morgan
Daviess County Middle School Technician
Scott Payne Scott Payne
Daviess County High School Technician
Chris Saalwaechter
Daviess County High School Technician
Monica Scott
Apollo High School Technician
Rick Wallace
  Rick Wallace
College View Middle School Technician

Jessica Roark
Software Specialist

Ken Roberts
Technology Specialist


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