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Adult Credit Recovery

It's Not Too Late!
DCPS to help former students receive diplomas

The Daviess County Public Schools district offers former DCPS students who left high school just a few credits short of earning their diplomas the opportunity to earn those few remaining credits.
We consider this a fulfillment of our mission, which is to help students successfully complete their educations through high school graduation. Regardless of how many years may have gone by, we believe high school graduation is a worthy goal, and we want to support and assist anyone who left school without reaching that goal.
Individuals who have since earned their GED (General Education Development) certificates are also eligible to earn their high school diplomas.
Apollo, Daviess County and Heritage Park (formerly Beacon Central) high schools have hundreds of diplomas in their vaults dating back to 1955 (DCHS) as a result of students leaving high school while lacking sufficient academic credits to graduate.
  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Four (4) or less credits to complete
  • Last attended Daviess County High School, Apollo High School, Beacon Central High School or Heritage Park High School 
In addition to the above requirements, please Include full name of student, school attended and year student would have graduated (example: Jonathan Joseph Jones, Apollo High School, class of 1988), as well as contact information (phone number and/or email address). Our staff will verify your credit status, and work with you to provide credit recovery options.
There is no cost involved other than an investment of time and dedication. 
An additional benefit of helping former students earn their diplomas will be to raise the overall education level of the Daviess County community. This has far-reaching benefits for economic development and quality of life, both as a community and as individuals.
Call the DCPS Central Office at (270) 852-7000 or email Scott Taylor ( for more information.

IT'S NOT TOO LATE - the DCPS Credit Recovery Program can put a diploma in your hands!

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