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DCHS Digital Driver's License Q&A

  1. Student: What is a Digital Driver’s License and how do I start mine as a freshman or new student?
    1. Digital Driver's License (DDL) is a digital citizenship and online safety curriculum that DCPS uses to teach these topics as required by federal law. Students and Teacher should navigate to and click Sign Up. 
  2. Student: It’s a new school year. How do I change my homeroom advisor?
    1. Any time a homeroom/advocate/advisor is changed a student can make this change on the student profile page upon the login. Just type in the new advocate's name/email in the appropriate field.
  3. Student: How can I change my password to something I can remember?
    1. A student can change his/her password at anytime by logging in and clicking My Profile and Change Password. We suggest you assign the password as your school lunch number.
  4. Student: I’ve taken “Prove-its” (quizzes) but the check mark didn’t turn green. Why not?
    1. Pass/fail of all quizzes are set at 80%. If you didn't correctly answer enough to earn at least an 80%, your required lesson will not turn green. Try again.
  5. Teacher: What do I do if a student transfers to school mid-year? How can I get them a username and password?
    1. Usernames and passwords are not assigned by the district. Instead, the account is created by the student when he/she first goes to and clicks sign up. This can be done for incoming freshman or older transfer students.
  6. Teacher: What do I do if a student doesn’t remember their password?
    1. The student needs to navigate to and click the Forgot Password link.
  7. Teacher: What do I do if a student says they’re finished but they’re not on my report?
    1. I've only seen three reasons why this occurs.
      1. A student did take and pass all the exams, but never clicked the Get License button. The student just needs to log back in and do so.
      2. A student took took all the exams, but didn't pass all of them with a minimal 80% score. The student needs to log back in and find the requirement not marked off in green.
      3. The student is lying and thinks you'll never know the difference. 
  8. Teacher: How do I see which parts of DDL are holding back my students?
  9. Teacher: What do I do if my students are non-diploma?
    1. Our special services teachers have the flexibility to adapt the lessons found in Digital Driver's License as they see fit so long as they keep a log on record of when such a lesson was covered and who was in attendance. 
  10. Teacher: How can I check the status of a student?
    1. Upon login click on reports to find many avenues of investigation.


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