Principal's Message

Welcome to the home of the Burns Middle School Foxes where “Building Unique Relationships Nurtures Success”.  We plan to make a difference in the lives of our students by continuing our tradition of “Focusing On eXcellence” each and every day.  With the support of parents, staff, and the BMS community members, the tradition of academic excellence will be a part of our never ending quest to do what is best for our students.
Our administrative team and their basic responsibilities:
·         Dane Ferguson (Principal) – Classroom Instruction and Facilitation of all programs and activities
·         Larry Shadowen (Assistant Principal) – Discipline and Special Services
·         (Open) (Staff Developer) – Curriculum and Professional Development

Chantay Taylor (Guidance Counselor) – Assessment, Bully Prevention, Gifted/Talented Services, and Social Skills
 ·    Mike Hamilton (Guidance Counselor) – Assessment, Bully Prevention, Individual Learning Plans(ILP), and Social Skills
Our responsibility as the administrative team is to facilitate an environment which will challenge our students academically and socially:
1.        by ensuring we are providing differentiated instruction based on individual student needs through an academically rigorous curriculum
2.       by ensuring we are engaging students in real world experiences in their daily classroom lessons
3.       by ensuring we are developing and nurturing relationships that are positive and professional
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 852-7400.
The BMS Administrative Staff     


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