Daily Behavior Sheet Template, Contracts, and Forms

userfiles/1570/Blank Comment side of point sheet.doc

This is the back side of the point sheet where teachers make comments about classroom behavior.  Make sure that comments are factual (not emotional) reports of the student's behavior during that class period.  It is meant to be used both to inform parents of behavioral concerns in the classroom as well as to monitor student's progress in replacing unacceptable classroom behavior with more acceptable behaviors.

userfiles/1570/Blank Template(1).doc

This is the front side of the point sheet.  It is set to the 7th grade schedule, but can be easily changed to 6th or 8th grade schedule.  See me if you need help adding goals.

userfiles/1570/My monitoring sheet.docx

This sheet is used as a tool to monitor progress from Daily Behavior/Point Sheets.  Again, see me if you need help setting it up.

userfiles/1570/Blank Basic Intervention Plan for Classroom.docx

This is a very basic Classroom Intervention Plan to replace unacceptable classroom behavior with acceptable behavior.  This should be used as a first step towards intervention when a student's behavior disrupts the learning of others in the classroom.  More tailored interventions should be created if this intervention does not help. 

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